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A Frank Look at Automation in HR

Every HR professional has heard of the danger of automation by now. Many are already loading various automated systems. Automation raises questions. What role will automation play in all of our futures? Will automation lead to me losing my job? Will humans even be involved in HR in a decade? Today we are joined by […]

Why Do Women Have Less Access to Workplace Learning?

A recent report by D2L has revealed a major gender gap when it comes to workplace learning. I recently discussed the findings with D2L’s COO and the former SVP at Yahoo and Intuit, Cheryl Ainoa.


Employee Gives Two Weeks’ Notice: Do We Have to Pay?

Q An employee recently put in her two weeks’ notice, but her manager went ahead and removed her from the schedule. Are we obligated to pay her for the time she was scheduled to work in those two weeks?

How AI Supports Workforce Modernization and Standardization Initiatives

The inclusion of artificial intelligence in workforce modernization creates a reality where organizations are tracking their workforce’s actions with greater accuracy and detail. How valuable are these efforts? How do improvements in tracking impact the employee?  Today we are joined by Lakshmi Raj, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Replicon, a software company providing cloud time tracking […]

Data Breaches Won’t Happen to Me!

Well, that’s not entirely true. In fact, a data breach may have happened at your company and you didn’t ever find out. Today we are joined by Switchfast’s CEO, Jim Anderson to discuss some research that shows that very few in HR ever even find out when a data breach happens at their organization.

Flu Season Is Right Around the Corner

It’s hard to imagine, but flu season is almost upon us once again. Today we are joined by Jocelyn Sivalingam, M.D., F.A.C.P., and Medical Director at West’s Health Advocate Solutions to discuss the flu.