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Recruiting is changing at a rapid pace. Some organizations are abandoning traditional methods for social media; some think software can do a better job than people.

Artificial Intelligence in the Hiring Experience Stack Can Create Efficiency Without Bias

The past year has seen major disruption in nearly every aspect of our work lives, and that disruption was perhaps felt the most in HR departments. With complicated COVID-related reopening measures, furloughs and layoffs, facilitating communication, reevaluations of benefits, and the current rehiring process, HR professionals have needed to alter their strategies and adopt a […]

CxO Recruiting: Strategies for Uncovering Contenders

Today’s disrupted world finds many companies in a fevered frenzy to source C-level executives who are adept at providing transformative leadership. But locating influential talent, which will help an organization grow, is easier said than done when established enterprises and new marketplace disruptors are equally tasked with navigating economic, societal, and digital transformation challenges. Companies […]

HR Works Podcast: Staying Ahead of the Recruiting Curve

Recruiting during 2020 required adjusting to a drastically new situation and new technologies and solving new problems (along with a few old ones, too). Now that we’ve all had a chance to get our footing, it’s time to get ahead of the recruiting curve—that is, keep what worked in 2020, and find out what will […]


Casting a Broader Recruitment Net in a Remote World

For millennia, cities have been a key feature of civilizations and economies because they serve as a nexus for human interaction. Individuals have greater access to commerce and culture in cities, and companies generally have a better chance of selling goods and services, as well as greater access to talent pools. Consequently, most top companies’ […]

Can Employees and Independent Contractors Do the Same Work for the Company?

Hiring managers often look for the most economic or efficient way to bring new people on board. Sometimes this means hiring independent contractors, using recruiting firms, or hiring employees directly, and sometimes it means using a mix of these and other options. But what if a candidate specifically requests to be an independent contractor? Or, […]


How Organizations Should Start Thinking Differently About Talent

On a global scale, there have been major shifts in the way we think about work, the people who do the work, and where the work is done. An increase in the use of technology, the rapid change of pace, and even reevaluating organizational priorities all play a part in this. As business models continue […]

Infographic: 6 Blind Hiring Strategies for Diverse Recruitment

Have you heard of “blind hiring”? The concept of blind hiring, or blind recruitment, relates to any step a hiring manager takes to hide information about a job applicant to eliminate bias from the hiring process. According to small business insurance provider, Thimble, hiding information can include the removal of a candidate’s name, address, location, […]


SMBs Hiring Back Furloughed Workers at the Highest Rates, Report Finds

Let the great re-hiring commence! As businesses and organizations across the United States continue to open back up and bring workers back on, a new report has discovered that small businesses (SMB) employing 1-10 workers are hiring back furloughed employees at the highest rate of all SMBs.

Benefits of Texting Job Applicants

Do you text job applicants? Some employers prefer the formality of e-mail communications, while others prefer the personal touch of phone calls. Many combine multiple forms of communication at the same time.