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Recruiting is changing at a rapid pace. Some organizations are abandoning traditional methods for social media; some think software can do a better job than people.

Innovative Ideas in Recruitment and Retention? Here’s Where to Find Them

Innovative solutions to recruitment and retention do exist, reports BLR’s Best Practices in HR newsletter, which specializes in finding them. Here are several: In today’s “talent wars,” recruitment and retention are the biggest battlegrounds. With thousands of trained baby boomers primed to grab their 401(k)s and go, companies are fighting to replace them … or […]

Win the “Recruitment Wars” with Marketing’s Secret Weapon

To be victorious in the “talent wars,” use what Marketing uses to win customers: segmentation. If you’re having trouble recruiting the employees you need these days, the solution might just lie in your Marketing department, says consultant Eileen Levitt, founder of HR Team in Baltimore. “Can you attract all your desired customers using one sales […]

Review Résumés at Rocket Speed!

Placing one job ad can result in a torrent of resumes. Here’s how to cut through the pile quickly and have more time for qualified candidates. Every HR manager knows this situation: You put a job ad in the newspaper or on the Web. Within days, or even hours, your inboxes (electronic and plastic) are […]

EEO-1 Revisions: What You Need to Know … And Have to Do

A decades-old government report, due each September and covering 50 million workers, finally gets revised. Here’s what you have to do, starting this fall: Next week marks the start of September. And that marks kids back in school, leaves turning … and the annual EEO-1 Report. This report to the federal government is due by […]

How to Improve Hiring and Retention in Entry-Level Jobs

To keep entry-level jobs filled, offer respect and opportunity … and get to know the communities from which you want to hire. It’s natural for an organization to fear the loss of a key executive. But what really terrifies many these days is having their entry-level people leave. In today’s service economy, this most basic […]

Job Descriptions: A Job Better Left to the Pros?

Writing job descriptions has become so time-consuming and legally complex some managers just ignore using them and deny themselves a valuable HR tool. A solid prewritten or sample program might be the answer. They’re often the unwanted stepchildren of the HR office. Stashed on a high shelf. Stored in a dusty binder. Written, filed, and […]

Job Descriptions: They Can Do More Than One Job!

By Scott Delman Use job descriptions to tell workers their specific activities … but also their part in improving the company’s reputation. Take an objective look at your job descriptions and hiring practices. Ask yourself if they are in line with obtaining workers who will bring you to that elusive “level of performance” you’ve often […]

Seasonal and Temporary Employees: What Are the Risks?

Contingent employees can pick up the slack when business get busy, but structure the relationship carefully or their liabilities may linger long after they’re gone. Mid-summer traditionally means beach parties, picnics … and seasonal and temporary employees. It’s easy to see why. The jobs of vacationing employees have to be covered. Seasonal businesses are going […]

Employment Ads: What Are the Best Days to Post Them?

An Internet job-posting company survey finds wide daily variances in when job seekers are looking at ads In 2005, U.S. companies were estimated to have spent nearly $300 billion on advertising, with much of that allocated to employment advertising … the familiar “help wanted” ads in classified and display formats, and in media from the […]

Improve Your Reference Checking and Break Through the “Stone Wall of Silence”

Reference checking an applicant’s past can make today’s hiring decision easier … but to get past a former employer’s rendition of “name, rank, and serial number,” you need some “breakthrough” strategies. Here they are: It’s been said that “the answers to all questions of today reside in the past.” While not true about everything, this […]