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Employment Law Tip: 10 Strategies to Limit Turnover

If employee turnover rates at your organization are high, it’s probably time to focus on what you can do to increase employee retention. Why? Frequent turnover can have a host of negative consequences for your company, including lost productivity, costs associated with hiring a new employee, the cost of temporary employees or overtime to cover […]

Hot List: BusinessWeek’s Best Seller List

BusinessWeek magazine ranks the 15 best selling hardcover and paperback business books in March 2009 and gives a short summary. 1. Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell. As you’d expect with Gladwell, there are lots of surprises in his explanation of why some people succeed fantastically. Pluck and smarts get less play here […]

HR Lawsuits Get Personal (Part 2 – What to Do)

The threat of individual lawsuits is growing, and HR managers are right in the thick of it. Here are tactics for avoiding such suits … and an antilawsuit tool you should be using regularly. Yesterday’s Advisor reported on a troubling increase in plaintiffs in employment law cases filing suit against individual managers as well as […]

Bulletin: San Francisco minimum wage goes up

As of Jan. 1, 2008, employees who work in San Francisco (including temporary and part-time workers) must be paid at least $9.36 per hour (up from $9.14). Visit the website to access the required minimum wage poster. Remember that the state’s minimum wage jumps to $8.00 per hour on the first of the year. […]

Class Actions Threaten "Enormous’ Financial Risk: Seyfarth Shaw

For the coming year, the financial risks of class action litigation are “enormous,” says attorney J. Stephen Poor, and more often than not, class actions adversely affect your market share and impact your reputation in the marketplace as well. Poor, who is the Managing Partner of law firm Seyfarth Shaw LLP, made his remarks in […]

Wildfires Tax Local Fire Departments, Raise Wage and Hour Challenges

Higher than normal temperatures and dry conditions have fueled significant numbers of fires this wildfire season, particularly in the Western United States. Wage and hour issues may be far from the first concern for state and local agencies and communities preparing for, or dealing with, wildfires, but it behooves savvy municipalities to think about possible […]

Proposed Legislation Would Give Small Employers Scheduling Flexibility

Small employers and their employees would be given new flexibility in work scheduling under a new measure introduced in the California Assembly. A.B. 2127 would allow employers with 25 or fewer employees to approve an employee’s written request to work up to 10-hour days within a 40-hour workweek without paying daily overtime. Under current law, […]

Age Discrimination: TV Writers’ Lawsuit Claims Age Bias

A group of 28 screenwriters have filed a class action lawsuit against the major television networks, studios and talent agencies, claiming that a pattern of age discrimination exists in the television industry that has squeezed out writers who are over 40. The writers charge that the networks, studios and agents are so eager to capture […]

News Notes: Employer Hit For Not Paying Overtime

A San Diego trial court has awarded $135,838-including a whopping $88,360 in attorney’s fees-to an employee of ATC Distribution Group Inc. who claimed he was improperly denied overtime while working as an assistant manager and interim manager. The employee, who typically worked more than eight hours a day, charged he was misclassified as exempt from […]