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5 Basic Rules for Understanding Travel Pay in California

Experts say travel pay disputes – from business trips and mandatory off-site training to commuting time, waiting time, and on-call time – could fuel an enormous surge in lawsuits filed by workers in 2012 and beyond. Why? Many employers haven’t updated their workplace policies in recent years to keep up with changing federal and state […]

Understanding EEO Job Categories for the EEO-1 Report

Are you prepared to file your EEO-1 report, complete with the employee survey information broken down by EEO job category? With the September 30 filing deadline fast approaching, understanding your EEO-1 reporting requirements is crucial. “These reports are going to provide information . . . on our employees by their ethnicity, their race, their gender, […]

How to Reduce Employee Absenteeism

Is absenteeism a problem in your workplace? It’s a tough problem to tackle, especially because employee absences can occur for so many varied reasons. Let’s take a look first at some of the laws that affect the way employers may handle employee absences, and then we’ll review a few tips on how to manage or […]

8 More Harassment Scenarios—What Would You Do?

In yesterday’s Advisor, we presented several sexual harassment scenarios for training. Today, more scenarios and an introduction to the best lawsuit-fighting tool of all, the annual HR audit. Managers and Supervisors, What Do You Do When … A co-worker from another department keeps asking one of your people out, and brings candies. Your employee is […]

Pros and Cons of a Progressive Discipline Program

How should an employer react when an employee violates one of the company policies? What measures should be taken? How can the employer remain consistent in these actions? One way employers choose to answer these questions is with a progressive discipline policy.

4 Benefits of Effective Job Descriptions

Writing job descriptions may seem to be an onerous task, but if done well, there can be many benefits for your organization. “Unfortunately, not all hiring managers and companies value a well-developed job description. So, it’s critical to understand the rewards – along with the mitigating risks as they apply to federal, state and local […]

Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace: Why Do Some Organizations Stumble?

Ethical dilemmas in the workplace are quite common, and they’re not always easy to answer. The concepts are straightforward, but the challenge is in the execution. Even when organizations have great policies and procedures and follow the laws and regulations, there’s still a high risk of unethical behavior. For example, some employees may not know […]

Certification Brouhaha at SHRM Orlando

The big buzz at the SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition revolved around SHRM’s announcement that it will start offering its own professional certifications. Why is it happening and what does it mean for HR pros?