HR Works Podcast: Can ChatGPT Be Your Next Great HR Tool?

Guest: Jesse Meschuk, Senior Advisor at Exequity

Since the launch of ChatGPT in late 2022, the conversation around the potential use cases (and concerns) of generative AI tools has become a hot-button topic throughout the HR community. With the ability to process complex questions and generate human-quality responses almost instantly, could ChatGPT signal the end of certain HR job functions or could it actually be harnessed to make HR teams more efficient?

In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, Exequity’s Jesse Meschuk helps us unpack ChatGPT and better understand what generative AI tools could mean for the future of HR teams. Listen as Jesse explains what sets ChatGPT apart from other AI-powered HR tools that have been already adopted in the industry, and find out what tasks HR teams should start automating immediately.

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