HR Works Podcast: The Advantage of Hiring Veterans

Guest: Jake Wood, Founder and CEO of Groundswell

As Veterans Day approaches and the nation takes an opportunity to honor those who have bravely served in the military, we are presenting a very special mini-episode of the HR Works Podcast and picking up our recent conversation with Jake Wood, the founder and CEO of Groundswell and accomplished Marines veteran. Leading a scout sniper unit through deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, Jake brings immense experience and insight into the advantages, and even some challenges, that face veterans as they leave active duty and enter into the workforce.

Listen as Jake shares some of the unique, intangible skills that veterans possess and can bring into a role, as well as some great ways for HR leaders and organizations to support their veteran colleagues.

Thank you to Jake Wood, and to all past, present, and future members of the U.S. military for your selfless service to our country.

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