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Overselling a Job

An often-overlooked aspect of the HR and recruitment functions is the sales/marketing element inherent in recruiting employees. Of course employers want to hire the best, brightest, and most diligent workers, but jobseekers also want to work for the best employers and do the most prestigious, lucrative, and rewarding job they can find. Expectation Gaps Some […]

3 Principles of a Human-First Approach to Hiring Talent

Technology continues to transform the HR space, but companies must not lose sight of the human element of hiring and recruiting. Hiring managers must step back to mold processes, tools, and culture around candidate needs. After all, the current number of job openings in the United States exceeds 11 million. And with more open positions […]

The Biggest Employee Retention Challenges Employers Face in 2023

A dynamic and volatile global environment has created tremendous challenges for organizations looking to not only keep their heads above water but also outperform and outcompete their competitors. In the modern global economy, it’s people who drive the success of the best companies, which means organizations are constantly striving to recruit and retain top talent. […]

Faces of HR: Erin Dertouzos on the Value of Pivoting, Psychological Safety and Probity

Meet Erin Dertouzos, Chief People Officer at strongDM – a people-first access platform that gives technical staff access to the infrastructure they need to be productive. Erin believes that recruitment is about having the right people in the right roles at the right time and leaders are responsible for creating a North Star with clear […]

How to Take the Guesswork Out of Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition (TA) technology is a complex landscape that continues to evolve at a rapid pace. According to industry analysts at Aptitude Research, 73% of companies have increased their TA tech investments in 2022, and 70% say they will continue to do so even during a recession. A desire for efficiency in hiring has driven […]

Why the Old Hiring Paradigm Needs Rethinking

You have critical job openings and you need to recruit quickly. Traditionally, you go to market for a top external candidate or look for an internal promotion or a horizontal move by a talented employee.  Continuing with time-tested HR approaches, your selection criteria focus on the candidate’s previous relevant experience, educational background and area of […]

Faces of HR: Gianna Driver on a Passion for People, Purpose & Power

Gianna Driver doesn’t think of herself as a quote unquote human resources (HR) person. She thinks of herself as a businessperson who does HR. Driver started her career working in corporate insurance and then pivoted, taking a role at a small startup. Not long after, she gravitated toward many of the functions in HR. “I […]

Here’s Why Recruiting Will Look Different in 2023

2022 was a challenging year for recruiters. In a tight candidate-driven labor market, HR leaders and organizations needed to remain agile by adopting new strategies, casting wider nets for talent their pools, and rethinking what employees wanted from their employers. This year, experts say some of the most pressing challenges in recruiting include the high […]

To Switch or Stay? That Is the Question Employees Are Asking

In the throes of low labor force participation and high labor demand, the competition for talent is fierce. As it stands, it’s a jobseeker’s market. 2022 labor reports have shown that the Great Resignation shows no signs of slowing down. With high inflation, wages that can’t keep up with increasing rates, and some companies’ reluctance […]

Avoiding Candidate Fraud in the Hiring Process

Technology and remote work have changed the opportunities for cheating in the hiring funnel—we’ve all heard horror stories of the wrong person showing up on day 1 after the person’s camera stayed off for the interview process. But these are exceptions to the rule. Most often, candidates are acting in good faith, trying to secure […]