HR Works Podcast: Employee Wellness Starts With Flexibility

Guest: Daniela Elazari, Director of Well-Being in the Office of Work/Life at Columbia University

Have employee expectations around work/life balance and flexibility changed? Why is it vital for employers to show their investment and commitment to workplace wellness, and what elements of employee well-being should HR teams be paying close attention to as many teams return to the office in 2024?

In this week’s episode of the HR Works Podcast, we are joined by Daniela Elazari, a workplace well-being expert and Director of Well-Being in the Office of Work/Life at Columbia University. Originally shared as part of our recent HR Now: Employee Experience virtual summit, listen as Daniela helps us take a closer look at how workplace well-being has changed in recent years. Learn why a renewed support of work/life balance and employee wellness is essential for organizations, especially as RTO mandates and policies continue to surge across the workforce in 2024.

And don’t miss as Daniela offers some must-have wellness and nutrition tips for HR teams to support employee health, both mental and physical, during this holiday season. This is one you’ll definitely want to check out!

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