HR Works Podcast: The Right Balance of Benefits in a Tight Labor Market

Guests: Holly Severance (Health & Wellbeing Manager) and Erica Phelps, RD (Health and Wellness Specialist) from Shape Corp., and Lauren Higgins (Managing Director of Client Success) from the EX Program by Truth Initiative.

In today’s labor market, HR leaders are delicately balancing the need for a differentiated benefit offering to attract talent—and all done with a fixed budget. In this special episode of the HR Works Podcast, done in collaboration with the EX Program by Truth Initiative, we speak with two members of the Health & Wellbeing team at Shape Corp., a Michigan-based tier-one automotive supplier, to find out which incentives and rewards they are using to attract talent, retain their current workforce, and improve employee health. We then spend some time with the EX Program’s Managing Director of Client Success, Lauren Higgins, to learn about the latest changes in benefit offerings to support tobacco addiction and how HR leaders can identify when they need to make room for tobacco cessation programs within their benefits budgets.

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