HR Works Presents HR Work Break: See, Support, and Honor Working Parents

Guests: Amy VanHaren, Founder and CEO of pumpspotting

August is National Breastfeeding month! 50% of working parents are concerned that pumping at work could impact their career growth. When employers provide essential family-forming benefits, such as lactation support solutions, they often see a 94% return-from-leave retention rate.

In the latest episode of HR Work Break, I’m joined by Amy VanHaren, Founder and CEO of pumpspotting. Pumpspotting is an app that helps parents connect and navigate the day to day of nursing, pumping, and feeding, and its B2B version allows employers to provide a custom experience such as information on lactation lounges in the building and a closed community of fellow employees. Listen in as we discuss the challenges of balancing child feeding, parenthood, and work as well as how employers can provide support for working parents.

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