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The Mirage of ‘Unlimited’ PTO

All employers want to make their compensation and benefits packages sound as attractive as possible to prospective employees. This is why it’s no surprise that “unlimited PTO” has become a common offering – what could be more attractive to candidates than the idea of taking all the paid time off they want? But this “benefit” […]

Faces of HR: How Alex Genetti is Changing the Narrative of HR with the People Team

Meet Alex Genetti, Head of People at Enable – a SaaS platform that drives trusted trading relationships between B2B trading partners. As Head of People, Alex spearheads all things people-related including development, engagement, benefits, and HR administration matters. Prior to Enable, Alex worked in the mental health space as People Operations at Two Chairs. Prior to that, she […]

The New Role of HR in a Remote World

In the past, HR had the role of seeking candidates, being there for employees, developing company culture, and building a comprehensive onboarding program and employee guidelines. But how has that job evolved in the last few years, and what has impacted the changes? From COVID to increasing attention about bias, inequity, lack of diversity, and […]

Leading Organizations Are Designing PFML Programs to Attract and Retain Employees

The workforce continues to face enormous challenges. Despite strong support, the United States does not yet have a federal standard of paid family medical leave (PFML) or paid family leave. Disruptions like the ongoing effects of the pandemic, the Great Resignation, increasing mental health and caregiving needs among workers, and the migration to remote work […]

With Medical Bills Piling Up, How Can Companies Help Employees?

Healthcare costs for Americans are rising, and along with them is the percentage of medical bills or debt in collections. A common misconception is that health insurance is a panacea for healthcare costs, but that’s simply not true. While health insurance can cover a portion of healthcare costs, many Americans are still in debt from […]

Administering COBRA Continuation Coverage in Mergers and Acquisitions Can Be Complicated

Recently, there has been an uptick in the number of business transactions in the marketplace. From a legal perspective, employee benefits issues are often a key element of any business transaction. Everything from employee pay, retention, and bonus payments to 401(k), pensions, and fringe benefits is “on the table” as the parties negotiate terms. Of […]

How Employers are Adapting to Labor Market Shifts

Various factors have combined to create what is being called the Great Resignation. Historic stock prices buoyed 401ks and runaway home prices left many older workers feeling financially secure enough to retire early. Many workers have left jobs because they either fear exposure to COVID-19 or don’t want to deal with precautions like masking, testing […]

The Hard Truth for Employers About Long Hours

By definition, most Americans think of a “full-time job” as one that is worked 40 hours per week. For some legal and regulatory purposes, 32 hours will even be classified as full-time. The reality for many workers, however, is quite different. Some professions routinely see workers putting in 60, 70 or 80 hours per week, […]

Employer’s COBRA Notice Missteps Mean It Must Provide Retiree with Retroactive Coverage, Pay Statutory Penalties

Employers that provide retiree medical coverage for certain employees need to carefully consider how to integrate that retiree medical coverage with continuation coverage under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). Many employers assume that if retirees receive retiree medical coverage at subsidized rates (or even for free), then no COBRA coverage has to be […]

Faces of HR: Ana Recio on Valuing HR, Her Best Mistake & More

Meet Ana Recio, SVP of Talent at SoFi – a finance company that offers comprehensive financial solutions on one platform. We recently connected with Ana to discuss how she got her start in the industry, her biggest influences, best mistake, as well as her thoughts on how company leaders can make HR a value within their […]