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Childcare Benefits as a Prime Employee Perk

The importance of work-life balance and flexibility in the workplace has become increasingly important for today’s workforce. One critical aspect of this balance is the growing cost of childcare, which has become a significant financial burden for many families. Recent data reveals that childcare prices, when adjusted for inflation to 2022 dollars, range from $4,810 […]

The Generational Shift Underway in the American Labor Force

The workplace is on the cusp of a significant transformation, driven by a generational shift that promises to redefine the professional environment. As Gen Z workers are poised to overtake baby boomers in the full-time workforce, their distinct priorities and values are set to shape the future of work. Gen Z Brings Unique Perspectives Gen […]

Cracking the Code: How to Attract and Retain Hourly Workers

For many employers, attracting and retaining hourly workers seems like a puzzle with no solution. Employers often feel like the struggle to hire never stops. And even when people are hired, they’re often on the job barely long enough to be properly trained before they leave for what they think will be greener pastures somewhere […]

Why Obesity’s Stigma Stands in the Way of Treatment and Care

“Eat less and exercise more.” “Change your behavior and you’ll lose weight.” “It’s all in your head.” “It’s your lack of willpower.” “You’re selfish and lazy.” This is what people with obesity often hear from the media, friends, family and strangers. Sadly, it’s what many hear from their doctors, too. More than half of patients […]

How to Overcome 5 Common Onboarding Challenges

The new hire. The first days and weeks in a new job are exciting for the employees and the organizations bringing them aboard. But too often, the transition isn’t as smooth as it should be. Clumsy onboarding can leave employees with a lingering negative impression of their role, manager, teammates, and the company’s culture. And […]

The Impact of the Economy on 2024 Compensation Decisions

In an economic landscape marked by rising inflation, businesses are facing new challenges in managing employee compensation. The delicate balance between maintaining financial stability and ensuring employee satisfaction has never been more critical. For business managers and HR professionals, understanding and adapting to these changes is not just a necessity but a strategic imperative. Here […]

Long-Term, Part-Time Employees Become Eligible to Make 401(k) Deferrals

Effective January 2024, long-term, part-time employees will become eligible to contribute pre-tax earnings to 401(k) plans. Read on to learn more. Facts This is a change from current rules which give employers the option to limit plan participation to employees who have completed a year of service (usually the preceding 12 months), working 1,000 hours […]

Faces of HR: Wes Muschara on Empowering People and Leader Advocacy

As we prepare to kick off HR Compliance Week here at HR Daily Advisor, this week’s Faces of HR column celebrates a professional who continues to help move the needle forward in the compliance industry. Wes Muschara serves as Vice President of Product Management at IRIS Software Group, a global provider of mission-critical software. IRIS takes the […]

How Convertible PTO Helps HR Teams Meet the Demand for Flexibility

Companies are still getting used to a new era of work. The persistence of hybrid work has led to a permanent shift in employee expectations about how and where they do their jobs, and HR teams need to be capable of adapting to this new normal. Employees are building their schedules around productivity peaks and […]