HR Works Presents Pages of HR: Reconstructing Inclusion

While most of us would never dream of ostracizing our coworkers—especially those who have been historically excluded in the workplace because of their perceived “otherness”– many people routinely feel left out of workplace culture.

According to DEI strategist Amri B. Johnson, it’s because truly good people, who wholeheartedly support diversity, equity, and inclusion, don’t go far enough to show they care. He notes that, “real inclusion is rooted in what’s in our hearts, but it must live in our daily actions.” That good intentions aren’t enough, and while leaders can set the tone for everyone to follow, caring peer-to-peer interactions make the biggest positive impact.

Listen in as we discuss his new book: Reconstructing Inclusion: Making DEI Accessible, Actionable, and Sustainable. Reconstructing Inclusion offers a guide to better understanding the historical context of inclusion, a rethinking of the efforts organizations are undertaking now, and an actionable, robust approach to carrying this work into the future.