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HR Works: Get the Most Value from Your Job Reference Checking

Employers invest considerable time and money in hiring and training new employees and therefore want to ensure a job candidate is going to be the right fit.  Information gleaned from references – in contrast with a polished interview and resume – is pure gold for employers who are working hard to find the ideal matches […]

HR Works: A Powerful Community Can Transform Your Business

Our guest for Episode 70 of HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources, international business coach Howard Partridge, says the solution to engagement and organizational success is rooted in community–something that’s ultimately achieved by tapping into the human need to connect and feel valued by others.  Howard provides us with 6 steps leaders can take […]

HR Works: How AI Can Improve Your Recruiting and Candidate Experience

“A new revolution has begun and AI is providing a new way of interacting with technology in a much more fun, enjoyable, and human way,” explains our guest on episode 69 of HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources.  That’s right:  Emily He, Senior Vice President, Human Capital Management Cloud Business Group at Oracle says […]

HR Works: Create a Culture of Excellence by Embracing Failure (Yes, Failure!)

We often talk about how HR professionals can help their workforce achieve success and how to drive success in this podcast—but today’s guest is going to talk with us about failure, and how important it can be to an organization’s success. Courtney Branson is Director of People and Culture at Square Root, an Austin-based technology […]

HR Works: How Your Cross-Functional Teams Can Achieve Extraordinary Results

Old hierarchies and organizational silos are disappearing—today work is often done on an ad hoc basis, based on collaboration and accomplished by teams formed and reformed to address changing priorities and needs. However, as many of us have found, forming teams is easy; forming productive, collaborative teams is hard. Our guest on Episode 66 of […]

HR Works: Social Media, Video & Mobile Recruiting Best Practices

Suddenly it’s slim pickings for top candidates—nobody’s having an easy time recruiting.  And for hard-to-fill roles, it can seem to border on the impossible. But there’s hope!  Our guest, Lindsay Stanton, Chief Client Officer for Digi-Me, is an expert in recruiting technology. She talked with us at BLR’s RecruitCon conference about trends and best practices  in use […]

HR Works: Use Persuasive Messaging To Increase Responses from Job Candidates

Recruiting is on every HR manager’s front burner these days, yet many organizations find they can’t get candidates they want to recruit to engage with or respond to them. Today’s guest, Angie Verros, founder of Vaia Talent, is going to help—she’s got suggestions for creating compelling messages that get the responses you’re looking for.  She […]