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HR Works Presents HR Work Break: Reinvigorate Your L&D Opportunities

Guests: James Micklethwait, Vice President, Kahoot! at Work Kahoot! Found that only 14% of all generations actively pay attention during online training. 44% of Gen Z employees are mentally checked out during these sessions. So, how can leaders reshape learning & development programs to be more engaging? How can growth opportunities be adapted to suit the […]

HR Works Podcast: Scaling Smarter, Not Harder! Grow Your Workforce With HR Tech

Guest: Cassandra Margolin, Head of People Operations at Jasper Can technology be the unique advantage for organizations looking to expand their teams? What impact is technology having on the onboarding process for new employees? Cassandra Margolin, Head of People Operations at Jasper, helps keep our conversation around HR technology going as she joins this latest […]

HR Works Presents A Seat at the Table: Preparing for Gen Z in the Workplace

The pandemic has shifted many of our priorities in the workplace and this includes Generation Z. According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index Annual Report, 51% of Gen-Z employees are more likely to prioritize health and well-being over work. Gen Zers also want to see values reflected in their workplace as well as diversity and inclusion. […]

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: Automating the Workplace

Guests: Colin Redbond, Global SVP of Product and Strategy at SS&C Technologies Blue Prism A recent study found that satisfied employees had a quarter less (25%) administrative tasks thanks to AI. Just how far will the ripple effect of AI go within the world of HR? Colin Redbond, Global SVP of Product and Strategy at […]

HR Works Podcast: Leveraging HR’s Data Advantage in 2023

Guest: Shira Ravid, HR Manager at Walmart Technology How have HR departments been able to utilize recent technology and HR tools to improve their talent and performance management processes across an organization?  Can technology be the key to developing an organization’s future leaders? In the latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, Walmart Technology’s Shira […]

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: Play, Reflect, & Learn Part II

Guests: Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks, CEO of KeepWOL Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks, CEO of KeepWOL, returns to continue our discussion on gamification. Tune in to learn about how gamification improves employee retention, the affect of L&D on company culture, and the importance of measurable success in L&D investments. Remember, you can always follow us on Twitter at @HRWorksPodcast, and […]

HR Works Podcast: Not the Fun Police! Breaking the HR Myth and Building Relationships

Guest: Jenna Everhart, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Health-E Commerce Does it feel like your HR department is carrying a reputation as being the “fun police”? When your responsibilities include enforcing disciplinary actions, establishing employee regulations, and terminating employees, it can often create the impression that HR solely exists to make rules and […]

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: Play, Reflect, & Learn Part I

Guests: Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks, CEO of KeepWOL Gamification is a popular trend within the Learning & Development space, as it enhances the employee experience and information retention. In fact, a recent survey found gamification makes employees feel more productive (87%), more engaged (84%), and happier at work (82%). Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks, CEO of KeepWOL, joins […]

Pages of HR: Effectively Setting Up New Leaders for Success (Part I)

Do you have what it takes to succeed as a first-time manager? According to studies, 40-60% of new managers fail or underperform within their first two years on the job. Our guest for this installment of Pages, Ramona Shaw, a Certified Professional Leadership Coach, podcast host, and author of “The Confident & Competent New Manager: […]

HR Works Podcast: Is the HR Your Workforce MVP?

Guest: Caroline Werner, Chief People Officer at LogicGate As organizations continue to evolve and adapt throughout this new world of business, could the HR department be the MVP of your workforce – Most Valuable Partner? If an organization has yet to realize the importance of integrating their HR members into every aspect the business in […]