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HR Works Podcast: Parents Are Returning to Work…How Can We Help Them Stay?

Guest: Sadie Funk and Sara Redington from The Best Place for Working Parents What family-friendly policies matter most to working parents in 2023? As recent workforce studies have shown parents making a return to the workplace, with participation totals for parents with children under 18 now climbing back to pre-pandemic levels, how can companies build […]

HR Works Podcast: Can HR Be Both Product-Minded and People-Centric?

Guest: Jessica Zwaan, speaker, author, HR thought-leader, and Chief Operating Officer at Whereby Is it time to start looking at the employee experience as a subscription product? What advantages can organizations and their workplace cultures gain by taking a product-management approach to leading people? In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, we examine […]

HR Works Podcast: Flexibility Matters! Making Your Employee Benefits More Beneficial

Guest: Sony Jean-Michel Thornton, Sr. HR Business Partner at Columbia University Irving Medical Center When it comes to employee benefits, what does “flexibility” mean to workers and their employers in 2023? How can HR leaders and organizations know if flexible benefits, such as unlimited PTO or hybrid work, are the right fit for their corporate […]

HR Works Presents A Seat at the Table: Supporting Your Workforce with Divorce Benefits

We all know that divorce can be costly. According to a recent study, the average divorce can cost upward of $15,000 – and if you have disputes over finances or custody, that number will be even higher.  But did you know that divorces are costly for employers as well? Experts say relationship-related stress — especially divorce — can cause companies […]

HR Works Podcast: Are 2023 Grads Your Newest Talent Advantage?

Guest: Alexandra Levit, Founder and CEO of Inspiration at Work What unique skills and competitive advantages are recent 2023 graduates bringing into this highly-competitive talent market? For the HR teams that are hiring these newest members of the workforce, what skills training should be prioritized to set up their new Gen Z hires for long-term […]

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: Trust and Transparency at Work

Guests: Jared Pope, Co-Founder and CEO of Work Shield 55% of leaders believe their organizations were very transparent, but only 18% of their employees agreed. Transparency, in every facet of work, is an essential element in building a safe and inclusive workplace. Without it, employee misconduct and hostility is likely to increase. Jared Pope, Co-Founder […]

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: The Growth of Intelligent Technology

Guests: Lou Bachenheimer, CTO of the Americas for SS&C Blue Prism The artificial intelligence (AI) market was $86.9 billion in 2022, and Forbes anticipates that it will grow to $407 billion by 2027. Clearly, the proliferation of intelligent technologies is here to stay. What will that mean for HR leaders and their employees? Lou Bachenheimer, […]

HR Works Podcast: Get Your Workforce PWFA-Ready!

Guest: Darci Dunn, President of EssentialHr – HR Done Right With the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) taking effect on June 27th, the onus is on HR departments to review their accommodation policies for their U.S.-based employees during pregnancy and childbirth. So what does the PWFA entail and what do organizations and their HR teams […]

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: HRDA at SHRM 2023

Guests: Josh Zygmont, Content Director at HR Daily Advisor It’s been about a week since SHRM 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada! We’re still processing all the fantastic things we learned at the conference. Josh Zygmont, Content Director at HR Daily Advisor, joins to share his experience at SHRM. Tune in as we discuss hot topics […]

HR Works Presents Pages of HR: Mentally at Work (Part I)

In the latest episode of Pages of HR, I’m joined by Genevieve Hawkins, a senior executive with extensive experience in leading major change programs in large organizations. We’re discussing her book, Mentally at Work: Optimizing Health and Business Performance Through Connection.  “Mentally at Work” is about understanding the science behind why connection matters and the […]