HR Works Podcast: Kindness, Civility, and Leading Through Change with Jim Link

Guest: Jim Link, CHRO of SHRM

In the latest episode of the HR Works podcast, we dive deep with Jim Link, CHRO of SHRM. At SHRM 2024, we sat down with Link for an exclusive chat about his career journey, including uncovering his biggest influences and a valuable learning experience disguised as a “mistake.”

This episode is a must-listen for HR professionals looking to foster a positive, productive work environment. Listen in as we explore:

  • The importance of kindness and emphathetic leadership in building a thriving workforce.
  • Understanding SHRM’s incivility index and its impact on employee well-being.
  • Reviving civil discourse in the workplace for better collaboration and results.
  • Jim’s insights on what HR should be focusing on to empower their organizations and drive success, and more.