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Building a Supportive, Resilient Workplace Through Empathy

You’d think being nice and being empathetic are one and the same. Think again. Niceness creates a passive, polite atmosphere where people are encouraged not to rock the boat. Empathy, on the other hand, stresses a deeper connection, a feeling of psychological safety and understanding. Which environment will be more creative, innovative, and successful? An […]

Empathy from Leaders Lifts Company Performance and Helps During Layoffs

Whenever there are mass layoffs, organizational PR teams scramble to find a spin on the announcements. HR professionals fumble the exit planning. Leaders butcher the communication. It is bound to happen. What I wish we would do more of is think about how organizational culture can lead to improved performance and perhaps help us avoid […]

Helping Employees Navigate in Times of Uncertainty

As we move into more uncertain economic times, collective anxieties often manifest in the workplace. An organizational response must be one of empathy and understanding, backed by robust policies that focus on employee engagement and well-being. This, in turn, will put firms in a better position to navigate the coming economic headwinds because they will […]