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Acknowledging Uncertainty to Encourage Prompt Action

There’s a strange phenomenon that afflicts countless people around the world, regardless of professional status, education, culture, etc., when they’re faced with uncertainty: They tend to panic, freeze, do nothing, or hesitate and avoid making tough decisions precisely at the point when prompt action is essential. It’s human nature to fall into this trap. Difficulty […]

11 Office Games to Connect Your Team

Your employees know they’ve made the right move in accepting a job with your company when they begin to see their colleagues as friends and look forward to work each day. But developing tightknit teams requires you to utilize innovative planning and transparency in earning and maintaining your staff’s trust. The trick? Making a plan […]

6Everyday Practices for Building Trust, Especially in Times of Change

When I work with our clients who are implementing an organizational change, the most critical ingredient to a successful change or transformation is always trust—trust among leaders, within teams, and across the employee culture. However, if we find that trust is missing, eroded, and/or neglected, even before the organizational change is initiated, we know we’re […]

360 Feedback in the Remote Work Age

Is it time to revisit 360 feedback evaluations for the remote workplace? 360 feedback, or 360-degree feedback, as the name suggests, involves soliciting feedback not just from an employee’s direct supervisor (i.e., feedback from above) but also from all around the employee—360 degrees of interaction. That means feedback from subordinates, team members, and colleagues who […]

How and When to Apologize in the Workplace  

Knowing how and when to apologize in the workplace is an important skill to hone. Though some advocate the approach of “never say sorry,” effective apologies show respect and rehabilitate damaged relationships, forming a foundational part of a positive work culture. It can be challenging to apologize in the right way in the right place […]

Managing Activism in the Workplace: Some Guiding Principles

In a politically charged era where activism is considered noble, HR managers are confronting new challenges in the workplace in an attempt to find balance between the expression of disparate views while maintaining a productive and cohesive workforce.

Addressing Stress in the Workplace

One of the unavoidable truths of life is that everyone experiences stress. For many, the workplace can be particularly stressful. Research by the CIPD found that 79% of HR leaders surveyed reported stress-related absences in their organization from 2020–2021; this rises to a staggering 91% in organizations with 250+ employees. This research shows that no […]

Why You Might Want to Shake Up Your Stakeholder Priority List

You’ve heard of the adage, “Happy Wife, Happy Life,” but what about business? “Happy employees, Happy everyone?” When an organization thinks of the most important stakeholders, people are quick to name customers, investors, suppliers, community groups but often forget the group that should take priority: the employees. All of them. Why employees should be #1 […]

The Workers Doing Just Enough to Get By

Those who have spent enough time in the workforce have experienced the broad spectrum of engagement and work ethic that exists in many organizations. On one end of the spectrum are the gunners, who constantly go above and beyond out of a sense of duty or a desire to show off or simply because of […]

If Employees Are Stiff and Stressed, Exercise at Work Can Help

With the new year, many people are enthusiastic about New Year’s resolutions, and often those intentions center on fitness and wellness goals. That may be especially true this year as the pandemic drags on. The stress, isolation, and disruption brought on by COVID takes a toll on employees’ mental and physical health and is getting […]