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HR Works: What Happens If You Don’t File Your EEO-1 Component 2 Compensation Data?

In episode 91 of HR Works, we discuss the EEO-1 Component 2 Compensation Data reporting rule, which is due for submission on the 30th of September of this year. Two attorneys joined us to discuss this: Partner Maggie Spell and Senior Partner Mark Adams of Jones Walker LLP. They both work in the great City […]


HR Works: Great Leaders Generate Excellent Employee Engagement

Everyone knows how critical employee engagement is for the success of any organization. Despite awareness and vast amounts of money being spent on solving this problem, engagement rates are still low across the United States. Today’s guest is a CEO that has won Glassdoor’s Top CEO for multiple years, and the New York Times has […]

HR Works: What to Do When Leadership Doesn’t Listen to HR

Getting leadership to listen to HR is critical for the success of your HR department as well as for the success of your organization. But it can be very challenging to get them to really hear you. We discuss this, aligning goals across leadership, avoiding and correcting silos, and much more with our guest, Ed […]

HR Works: What Is U.S. Soccer Getting Wrong About Equal Pay?

In episode 88 of HR Works we discuss equal pay surrounding the Women’s U.S. soccer team—especially in the light of their recent World Cup victory with experts Tom Cunningham, VP of People at Pariveda, and Charles Bendotti, Senior Vice President, People & Culture, Philip Morris International. Tom Cunningham is the VP of People at Pariveda—an […]

HR Works: This Is What Leadership Looks Like in 10 Years

Whether it’s failing fast or being agile, leadership has already changed a lot from more traditional approaches. Our guest in this episode brings a lot of expertise surrounding what leadership and the workplace look like today, and what it will look like in 10 years. We are pleased to have Lisa Rueth, the Senior Partner […]

HR Works: Vulnerability Is Required for Successful Engagement and Leadership

With organizations losing unbelievable amounts of money to poor employee engagement, I always wonder what stops leaders from properly addressing this problem. In this episode of HR Works, we find a critical ingredient to successful leadership and employee engagement: vulnerability. This episode’s guest is Jason Treu, an executive coach who helps executives, managers, and employees […]

HR Works: How Leadership Can Navigate Chaotic vs. Ordered Employees

If I’ve learned one thing since taking on this podcast, is that change in an organization literally cannot happen without leaders being on board. How can HR managers make that happen? It’s the 100 million dollar question, and we are thrilled to have two experts from Rose Group Int’l to help us answer it. The […]

HR Works: LinkedIn Weighs In on Recent Workplace Trends

When it comes to workplace trends, it helps to get the research and opinions of the largest professional network: LinkedIn. To that end, our guest for this episode is LinkedIn’s Vice President of Talent Solutions, Mark Lobosco. Mark is responsible for leading the global pre-sales, sales and customer success team for LinkedIn’s Talent Solution business, […]

HR Works: Joy Makes a Powerful Currency

Everyone knows that when employees are stressed out about meeting deadlines, budgets, and extreme expectations that they tend to shut down or leave. In this episode of HR Works, which is sponsored by Incogneato, we discuss one woman’s approach to solving this problem: making joy the currency of the workplace economy. Shani Godwin, an entrepreneur, […]


HR Works: Next Level Sexual Harassment Training

Organizations are working hard to meet the challenge of sexual harassment in the workplace head-on. However, the efficacy of sexual harassment training leaves a lot to be desired. How do employers make this training stick? Part of it boils down to creating an emotional investment in trainees, a subject that our guest excels in. Morgan […]