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Providing insightful conversations about HR-related books with the writers who create them.

Pages of HR: Cultivating Meaningful Partnership at Work

The pandemic has not only altered the way we work, but also the relationships we have with our coworkers. Now more than ever, both leaders and their teams crave deeper connection and more authentic relationships. But how can organizations accomplish this goal — particularly knowing that it will require a reset of how leaders and […]

Pages of HR: Building an Inclusive and Equitable Organization

In our fourth episode of “Pages of HR,” we are joined by co-authors Arthur Woods, an LGBTQ+ leader in HR technology and co-founder of Mathison, a technology for diversity hiring; and Susanna Tharakan, Head of Diversity at Sisense, DEI researcher and practitioner in the area of industrial, organizational psychology. Hiring For Diversity: The Guide to […]

Pages of HR: An Openness to Share Goes a Long Way in Corporate Culture

As we continue to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, we have an amazing opportunity to build positive connections between HR professionals and the Hispanic and Latino community. In our third episode of “Pages of HR,” we talk about inspirational stories of Latina HR professionals leading, thriving, and breaking barriers across various industries. Today’s guest is […]

Pages of HR Podcast: Tapping Talent Beyond Best Practices (Episode 2)

In our second episode of Pages of HR, Annissa Deshpande, Principal of loglab, LLC, talks about her new modern HR novel, The Comeback. CEOs, entrepreneurs, and HR professionals will enjoy this fast-paced fictional adventure through the fundamentals of modern HR. Annissa Deshpande, is a former HR executive of a Fortune 500 where she oversaw the […]

Pages of HR Podcast: Don’t Beat Yourself Up, But Be Accountable

Welcome to our first episode of the Pages of HR Podcast. I am your host, Bianca Herron. We provide insightful conversations about HR-related books with the writers who create them. In each episode, I’ll interview an author about their latest book and by the end of our conversation, I hope that you’ll have actionable insights […]