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Top 3 E-Learning Trends for 2019

With each passing year, the e-learning industry keeps getting larger and larger and even more sophisticated. It’s currently predicted to be worth $325 billion by 2025 and shows no signs of slowing down, especially in 2019.

6 Adaptive Learning Features You Need Your LMS to Have

According to a Deloitte survey, virtually all CEOs (90%) believe their companies are facing disruptive change driven by digital technologies, while 70% say their organizations do not have the skills to adapt. However, companies are beginning to invest heavily in learning and development technologies and initiatives, as they’re beginning to discover that workplace learning should […]

How Does Adaptive Learning Work Inside an LMS?

While instructor-led and in-classroom training sessions are still more common than online learning methods, they have dropped from 47% to 41% in the past 3 years. And this downward trend is expected to continue because of the rising popularity of adaptive learning.1 L&D development professionals are now actively seeking ways to incorporate adaptive learning into […]

Top 8 Benefits of Adaptive E-Learning (Part 2)

In yesterday’s post, we featured three benefits of adaptive e-learning in the workplace; here are five more worth considering: 4. Improves Overall Understanding and Engagement Because adaptive e-learning technology adapts to each learner’s learning goals, learning progress, and learning style in real time, it can improve each learner’s mastery of a topic.

Top 8 Benefits of Adaptive E-Learning (Part 1)

What Is Adaptive E-Learning? Believe it or not, adaptive learning has been around since before the 1970s. But it was, of course, a lot more difficult to understand and implement back then because it relies on computers, algorithms, and programming to really be effective. Now you probably know of adaptive learning as “personalized learning.” There […]

E-Learning 101–Basic Things Professionals Need to Know (Part 1)

E-learning has grown over 900% in the past 16 years due to advances in technology and has increased the revenue of over 42% of the organizations that have adopted it.1 There’s no question that organizations are adopting e-learning practices, methods, and technology in droves and that they’re reaping real benefits from it. But do they […]