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Save Time and Money by Hiring Within

According to a recent survey, only 30% of companies actively practice internal hiring. When you look at the pros and cons of this practice, it’s clear that the other 70% is missing out. The relationship between a recently open position and hiring can seem simple and obvious. When one employee leaves, hire another. An American […]

Hiring Within—Improve Morale, Save Money and Time

A recent survey suggests that only about one-third of organizations are committed to internal hiring. The question is, are these companies avoiding difficulties or missing out on opportunities? A look at the pros and cons of hiring from within suggests that it’s worth it—for one thing, an internal hire is already trained!

Are Your Primal Teams Thriving? Debunking More Leadership Myths

In yesterday’s Advisor, three leadership myths were busted by Jackie Barretta, author of the book Primal Teams: Harnessing the Power of Emotions to Fuel Extraordinary Performance (American Management Association (AMACOM), 2015). Today, Barretta presents three more myths your leadership should be aware of.

Survey Says: Communication Skills Are the Top Training Topic

Communication tops the list of skills training provided to individual contributors, according to a survey of executives and managers from more than 700 organizations by AMA Enterprise, a division of the American Management Association. AMA Enterprise provides organizations with assessment, measurement, and tailored training solutions. The survey probed development programs for “individual contributors,” who are […]

Many Employers Plan to Invest in Big Data Training

Strong demand is expected for Big Data training, according to a recent study. Among other issues, the survey probed the need for analytics training and what companies are doing to fill the skills gap. The global survey by American Management Association, “Conquering Big Data: A Study of Analytical Skills in the Workplace,” asked respondents, “Does […]

How Effective Are Executive Coaching Programs?

In addition, 12% reported that their executive coaching programs are “ineffective,” according to the survey of 230 organizations by AMA Enterprise, a division of American Management Association (www.amnet.org) that offers advisory services and tailored learning programs. “The mixed grades for coaching aren’t unexpected when compared to the effectiveness of other executive and leadership development opportunities,” […]

News Notes: Employers’ Snooping Impacts Internet Privacy

A recent survey by the American Management Association shows that employers are stepping up their monitoring of employees’ Internet use, with 61% of employers reporting that they monitor Web surfing and 46% stating they keep tabs on e-mail. And some employers are going even further when it comes to trying to track down the identity […]

News Notes: Survey Finds Electronic Surveillance In The Workplace Is Common

Nearly 75% of employers nationwide—more than double the number from 1997—actively monitor employees’ phone calls, voice mail, e-mail, Internet use and computer files, according to a new survey by the American Management Association. The financial services industry had the highest incidence of electronic monitoring, with over 90% of employers engaging in such activities. The survey […]

News Notes: Electronic Surveillance Common In The Workplace

A new American Management Association survey reveals that 63% of mid- and large-sized U.S. firms monitor their employees. Financial sector employers utilize electronic observation the most, and manufacturing companies use it the least. According to the report, 35% of the employers surveyed record employees’ phone calls, review voice mail, check computer files and e-mail, or […]