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Apple Joins Other Big Tech Firms in Housing Investment

The high-tech industry is famous for its efforts to attract top talent. In addition to impressive salaries, companies like Google are known for over-the-top employee perks and inviting campuses—and for good reason. High tech has high competition.


Continuously innovate to stay at the top of your game

by Dan Oswald I recently saw two photos that caught my eye. The first, from 2005, was taken when Pope Benedict XVI was introduced as the new pope. The second, taken in 2013, was from the unveiling of Pope Francis. While less than a decade had passed between the two events, there is a notable […]

3 Skill Sets Crucial to Business Success

Three Skill Sets Crucial to Business Success

I once read that you need three people to run a successful business — a creative leader, a businessperson, and an asshole. (Sorry, but that’s what it said!) As I recall, the argument went that you need a creative type who has that intuitive ability to judge what the market wanted whether it was in […]

Here’s to the Crazy Ones

I’ve been reading Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs. It’s an interesting read because Jobs was a fascinating character. Jobs was a polarizing figure, revered by many and hated by others. But regardless of how anyone might feel about him, there’s no denying the man was a creative genius. Shortly after Jobs’ death I wrote […]