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American Horror Story: Hotel—Gaga for this deliciously terrifying workplace

The latest installment of American Horror Story was off to a screaming start with the premiere of Hotel. If you missed it, proceed with caution as this article contains some minor spoilers on the first episode. This season is set in a sprawling art deco hotel that manages to be both beautiful and frightening at the same […]

Does ‘at-will employment’ really mean what you think?

by Joseph Godwin Many employers rely heavily on “at-will employment” to terminate unsatisfactory employees. In theory, if at-will employment applies, you can fire a worker at will, which means for a good reason, a bad reason, or no reason at all. However, if a termination decision is challenged, it can be difficult to show that […]

Linking pay raises to company tattoos: good idea or legal minefield?

by Peter A. Jones A New York employer offered its employees a 15 percent pay raise if they had the company logo tattooed on their bodies. Reportedly, there were no limitations on the size or location of the tattoo, and about 40 employees accepted the offer and are receiving raises after having been inked. There […]


A horse with no claim

Some colorful (ahem) corners of the Internet were abuzz this week after a report surfaced that an anonymous adult male fan of the cartoon show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was fired from his job after admitting his fandom to his coworkers. The firing of this “brony” (and let’s just assume for the sake of this […]

How to write a strong termination letter

by Bradley T. Cave Writing a termination letter can be a daunting task, knowing that much can rise or fall on what the letter says. A few straightforward strategies can help you prepare a termination letter that manages the risks that accompany all termination decisions. What to leave in, what to leave out Obviously, a […]

Just how safe is your handbook’s at-will employment statement?

by Tammy Binford It’s hard to think of anything more sacred to employers than the doctrine of employment at will. Employers have long been advised to make sure their employees are aware of their at-will status, meaning that unless employees have an employment contract, they can be terminated for good reason, bad reason, or no […]

NLRB and nonunion employers

Employers with nonunionized workforces once went about their business without giving much thought to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). But with union membership in decline, a more activist Board is branching out, and now even nonunion employers need to be on guard. As union membership dwindles, the NLRB is emphasizing that the National Labor […]

Many Arizona state employees become “at will”

by Tammy Binford Most new state government workers in Arizona soon will be at-will employees thanks to a new law overhauling the state personnel system that goes into effect September 29. The new law consolidates nine different personnel systems in the executive branch and converts new hires, attorneys, supervisors, and several other high-level employees to […]

At-Will Employment: Employer’s Dream or Toothless Tiger?

The old saying goes that the devil is in the details. When considering the doctrine of at-will employment, it may be more correct to say the answers are in the details. But, that doesn’t mean some of those details aren’t a bit devilish to decipher. HR professionals often struggle with termination decisions. The decision is […]