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8 Tips for Writing Transparent Job Descriptions

In today’s competitive job market, attracting top talent is essential. A well-written job description is fundamental for attracting qualified candidates and ensuring that only the most qualified candidates apply. Writing a clear and concise description can be difficult, however. Below, we’ve summarized eight tips for writing transparent job descriptions that effectively communicate the position and […]

Promoting Training and Development Opportunities to Attract Top Candidates

In an inflationary environment with limited labor supply, many small and midsize employers simply can’t afford to keep salaries and bonuses in step with their larger competitors for talent. Indeed, even major corporations may struggle to keep payroll costs down while recruiting and retaining top talent. Companies across a variety of industries are being forced […]

What CHROs Can Do About the Talent Attraction and Retention Issue

The massive changes in how we work, where we work, why we work, whom we choose to work with, and the technologies we use every day have landed on the shoulders of every leader. An Executive Networks report based on data collected from 112 chief human resources officers (CHROs) entitled “The Global CHRO of the […]


6 Reasons Why Training Employees Is Worth the Investment

Training your staff: It’s good for workers, and it’s good for employers, too. It’s easy for businesses to get sucked into the perceived reasons why they shouldn’t be providing training to their employees, such as the cost to the business and the time it takes out of regular working hours.

C-Suite, Listen Up: Learning Is the Top Workplace Priority

Want to boost retention, productivity, and attract great people? Become a learning culture, says a recent white paper released by CredEd (creded.ai). The company’s mission is connecting education and individuals to open up everyone’s true potential.


What Job Seekers Really Want: 7 Keys to Attracting and Retaining Talent Globally

By Kate Donovan, senior vice president of ManpowerGroup Solutions According to ManpowerGroup’s 2015 Talent Shortage Survey, 38% of employers across the globe are having difficulty filling jobs. In this competitive environment, employers are at a disadvantage and must continuously search for better ways to attract and retain top talent.