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Browning-Ferris reversal calls end to uncertainty on joint employment

Employers confused over what constitutes joint employment have seen the confusion largely cleared up, thanks to a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decision issued December 14. The 3-2 decision overrules the Browning-Ferris decision, which broadened what could be considered a joint employment relationship. Under the Browning-Ferris decision, employers that had indirect—even potential—unexercised control over employees […]

Power Suit: Fashion Statement or Employment Signal?

Image Credit: K2 images / Shutterstock.com When TV’s “The Good Wife” wore a distinctive “power suit” by Michael Kors on the show, she was trying to make an impression. When another famous political wife, who has a temporary job, wore the exact same suit to one of her husband’s important “work events,” was she just […]

Obama to Appoint Controversial NLRB Nominee Craig Becker

On March 27, President Barack Obama announced his intent to use his constitutional power to make appointments while Congress is in recess to appoint Democrat Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). This is the first time the President has used recess appointments. Becker, a union attorney, has been a controversial nominee since […]

Employers May Be Eligible for Tax Break Under HIRE Act

The Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act (H.R. 2847), a jobs bill President Barack Obama signed into law on March 18, 2010, provides tax breaks to employers that hire unemployed workers or individuals who were only working part-time in 2010. Under the HIRE Act, qualified employers could receive a payroll tax incentive and a […]

Management Lessons from the Oval Office

Last week, the Wall Street Journal ran a front-page article that discussed President Barack Obama’s management style. Among other things, the article said the President likes to get deeper into the details than many of his predecessors. It also discussed how he uses debate-like techniques to drill into subjects, even having staff members take and […]

Increased Enforcement of Labor Laws a Top Priority for Obama Administration

One of the clearest indications of an administration’s priorities is the budget and the amount of funding provided to various programs. Budgets always have winners and losers and reflect the degree to which programs will be implemented. A review of President Barack Obama’s proposed budget and recent agency actions demonstrates that increased enforcement of labor […]

Obama Inauguration Gives Hope to Diversity Exec

When Patrice Hall sat in Denver’s Mile High Stadium listening to Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) last August, she had never felt so inspired and hopeful. After almost two decades in line management, Hall has spent the last 13 years as a diversity executive, most recently as head of the […]

Immigration News Update: No-Match & I-9s

A federal judge has rejected a request by the federal government to push up the timeline for deciding a case involving a controversial rule on the steps employers should take when they receive a No-Match letter—indicating that the information submitted for an employee fails to match government records. Now, the decision won’t be handed down […]