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Six Criteria for Evaluating a Self-Service Model for Voluntary Benefits

If you provide your employees with voluntary benefits, you’ve most likely considered offering them through face-to-face annual enrollment meetings or over the phone. While these enrollment methods may still be considered valid approaches, those traditional norms are changing. The pandemic has obviously impacted access to employees. In fact, a reported 50% of the workforce is […]


Information Isn’t Enough: Why Employees Managing Chronic Conditions Experience Treatment-Related Burnout

Six in 10 Americans live with at least 1 chronic condition, such as heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. As an employer or HR manager, you’re undoubtedly aware that acute events related to these conditions can adversely affect employees’ health and work productivity. But did you also know that, as a result of managing chronic conditions, […]

Aligning Incentives

In a previous post, we discussed the importance of aligning employee incentives in order to optimize cooperation and collective action within an organization. Even the strongest leaders will struggle to achieve that cohesiveness if team members’ purpose doesn’t match. In this post, we discuss some strategies for tempering competing motivations and improving alignment. Holistic Incentives […]

Get Ready, Get Set, Pivot! Soft Benefits Requests on the Rise in 2022

Whether on the front line or in upper management, employees who span a wide range of industries are looking for benefits beyond traditional fringe benefits such as medical, dental, and vision. Those other benefits, known as soft benefits, include perks like remote work options and flex scheduling and are expected to increase in demand even […]

Former Employees Can’t Sue Employers Under Utah’s Mini-COBRA Statute

In Greek mythology, Panacea was the goddess of universal remedy. She supposedly had a potion of herbs to cure almost any ailment. From the fabled goddess, the English language has adopted the word “panacea” to mean a cure-all or solution to all problems. Often, filing a lawsuit is seen as the way to get all […]

Make Sure Your Parental Leave Policy Is Ready for Post-COVID-19 Baby Boom

Early during the COVID-19 pandemic, there was speculation about a baby boom in the coming months because couples were spending virtually all their time at home together, perhaps with too much “downtime.” An immediate boom ended up not occurring, according to a recent study by University of Michigan researchers. But, the slight pause in pregnancy and childbirths […]

Ruling Helps Employers Ending Union Pension Funding

The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals (which covers Michigan employers) recently issued a long-awaited decision about the appropriateness of interest rate assumptions used by union pension funds to calculate withdrawal liability. The court affirmed a district court’s opinion holding the Ohio Operating Engineers Pension Fund’s use of the “Segal Blend” violated the Employee Retirement […]


What Perks Are Most Important for Today’s Jobseekers?

In an era of increasing globalization and surging demand for highly skilled workers, recruiting and retaining talent can pose a formidable challenge for employers. This challenge is only amplified by the fact that the needs and expectations of today’s workforce are rapidly evolving. But what perks should you offer today’s jobseekers to ensure your company […]

Examining the Critical Factors Employers Must Understand About Candidate Expectations

As the United States navigates a historic labor shortage, it’s critical for employers to adapt to the changing employee benefits landscape and compensation demands. Employers must understand that today’s jobseekers are evaluating companies differently, and the kinds of benefits and wages that will attract them are changing, as well. According to beqom’s 2021 Employee Expectations […]

10 Things to Look for in a Time and Attendance Software

Time and attendance software is a great management system that all businesses should consider employing to manage their staff’s work hours. There are many different types of time-tracking systems on the market today, but not all of them may be best suited to your business requirements. If you’re in need of a new system, it’s important […]