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5 Ways to Ease Open Enrollment Stress for Employees

We’re right in the middle of open enrollment season, which can be a confusing and stressful time for your employees as they make their selections for the coming year. Arm them with the right knowledge and tools for a successful open enrollment period and they’ll thank you for it— after all, healthy employees are happy […]

To Do: Help Open Enrollment Get Noticed with Video

Did you end last year’s open enrollment with a list of things you wanted to improve? One prominent item on HR’s list of open enrollment enhancements is often the use of video communication. If it’s on your list, read on. In fact, if video isn’t on your list (or even your radar), read on anyway. You may find reasons to add it before we’re through.

3 Ways Employers Can Improve Benefits Communication

Any employee benefit program will better meet its objectives if an employer communicates about it effectively. And perhaps no other employee benefit plan requires as much careful attention to employee communication as a 401(k) plan (see ¶102 in Thompson’s The 401(k) Handbook). Pre-tax 401(k) plans are unlike employee savings plans that use after-tax contributions, and […]