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Are Your L&D Professionals Doing These 4 Things?

Training and development are key to success in a postindustrial economy, i.e., one that is more focused on providing services than producing goods and services. In an industrial economy, of course, it’s important for employees to be trained.


Education Can Help Promote a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

Top companies across the country recently made a pledge to educate their employees and share best practices with each other in an effort to create diverse and inclusive workplaces. More than 150 CEOs have committed their organizations to participate in the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion initiative. Those organizations include Accenture, BCG, Deloitte US, […]

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Best Practices for Training Seasonal Customer Care Representatives

What best practices should be used when training seasonal customer care representatives? Even though seasonal employees are hired for only a few months, time invested in their training is time well spent, says Michael D. Mills, senior vice president of Call Center Solutions, CGS. Simply put, if your seasonal employees do not provide good customer […]

6 Best Practices for Making Quality Hiring Decisions Quickly

By Adam Ochstein, founder and CEO of StratEx We are in a candidate-driven market, but few companies are adjusting their hiring processes to attract them. In fact, The Wall Street Journal recently reported that employers are taking nearly twice as long to extend offers compared to a few years ago.


HR Tech Investments Focused on Improved User Experience, Business Alignment

Human Resources organizations continue to move their management systems to the cloud as they seek improved user experience and stronger alignment with the business, according to a new survey from Information Services Group (ISG), a technology insights, market intelligence, and advisory services company.

Healthy Employees Make Healthy Businesses

In yesterday’s Advisor, we explored a recent survey that suggested that wellness programs help your employees stay engaged and productive. Today we’ll take a look at a few benefits for creating a wellness program and the basic steps it takes to start one in your workplace.

How to Painlessly Communicate Employee Equity Compensation Programs

By Linda Itskovitz, GuideSpark Today’s hot job market means that companies must find effective methods to entice talented individuals to join their company or risk losing top talent to a competitor. More than ever before, tried-and-true equity compensation programs are proving to be a valuable tool to attract and engage new prospects and employees.

HR Works Podcast Launches

by Steve Bruce and Jen Carsen BLR’s new podcast, HR Works, provides clear, relevant, actionable information on topics that matter to HR professionals. When you’re armed with best practices, plus the knowledge to keep your organization in compliance, HR works!