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The 9 Big Dangers of Big Data

Big data—it’s touted as HR’s new source for actionable information. In fact, big data analysis does produce some fascinating results. But beware, there are a lot of dangers of big data.


Alignment, Talent, Metrics, Branding—Simple to Say, Hard to Do

In yesterday’s Advisor, we covered policy and basic issues HR managers will face for the rest of the year; today, strategic issues, plus an introduction to a free Sue Meisinger webcast on challenges for HR in 2014. Strategic goals sound so simple (align work with company strategy, develop an employment brand, develop good metrics) but […]


Moneyball redux: What can it buy you?

I’m not shy about going back to the well. Last month I posted some lessons HR professionals could take from Billy Beane’s roster management of the Oakland A’s, as told in the bestseller, Moneyball. For my money, Beane’s innovations as GM of the cash-poor A’s put him in the upper ranks of baseball executives among […]