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Unwary Employers Risk Being Caught in Nondiscretionary Bonus, Regular Pay Rate Trap

The regional director for the Wage and Hour Division (WHD) of the Department of Labor (DOL) has recently underscored the compliance obstacle that continues to confound employers: whether to include bonuses in the “regular rate” when calculating the overtime pay rate for nonexempt employees. Nondiscretionary bonuses must be considered when determining the regular pay rate, […]

Pros, Cons of Using Signing Bonuses to Attract Employees

Everywhere we turn, store fronts and restaurants are posting signs seeking applicants for vacant positions. And the phenomenon isn’t limited to just the service industry. Employers in the transportation, logistics, and manufacturing sectors are just as desperate for applicants.

Santa May Owe His Elves Overtime on Those Year-End Bonuses

The December holidays and year-end pay issues raise a number of wage and hour and leave challenges for employers. Many businesses give holiday gifts or year-end bonuses to their employees. If the bonuses aren’t handled properly, you could expose your company to overtime liability. How does holiday pay affect overtime liability, and what happens if […]

Incentive Pay Isn’t for Nonexempts—Or Is It?

Variable pay is a powerful communicator of values and directions and changing business needs. However, with nonexempt employees, it is particularly important that: The amount of the incentive be market competitive and significant enough to reward in a meaningful way. The amount of incentive (aka pay at risk) is not so large that missing the […]