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Before We Bring Them Back, Are They Worth Rehiring?

The term “boomerang employee” refers to a worker who has left your company only to be rehired sometime later. We’ve discussed the pros and cons of bringing back boomerang employees in the past, but as employers seek to rehire laid-off or furloughed workers, it’s time we look at new research to solve the question once […]

The Pros of Boomerang Employees

It’s often bittersweet to see a colleague leave your organization for another opportunity. On one hand, you may be happy he or she found a new position, but on the other hand, you’ll miss working with him or her.

Billions Spotlights Boomerang Employee Trend

Even with the seemingly endless amount of TV shows to watch, finding a series to view with one’s significant other can sometimes prove a difficult task for a couple. After watching eight seasons of The Office together, it was challenging for me and my wife to find a show that fell somewhere in between Real […]

More employers, employees finding what’s old is new again

When employees decide to leave a job and move on with their careers, they may think their last look at their old employer will be in the rearview mirror. But more and more, their goodbyes are morphing into hellos. A new study from staffing company Spherion shows a rise in the number of “boomerang” employees—people […]