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HR Works Podcast: How to Use Your Company Brand as a Recruiting Tool

EPISODE 26 It’s easy to agree on two things: it’s getting harder and harder to recruit and great employees, and social media are playing a major role. And the question is, how can we leverage our social media profiles and presence and activity to support our recruiting efforts? It’s all about the employment brand. To […]


What’s Hot in Recruiting in 2016?

Staying on top of recruiting trends helps you avoid potential recruiting problems that might affect your organization. Let’s take a look at 2016’s most important trends.

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5 Tips for Managing Your Talent Brand Rep on Mobile and Social Media

What is your talent brand rep? Is it better, worse or equal to your corporate brand? And why is this important? Your corporate and talent brand reputation are top reasons todays job seekers connect with the desire to work for your company. Not only that, a recent LinkedIn report states “The impact of a strong […]