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Faces of HR: Britta Mühlenberg—Building Bridges Between People and Potential

Britta Mühlenberg, COO at Acrolinx, isn’t your typical HR leader. Her path to the C-suite started not with textbooks but with a deep-seated desire to connect with people on a global scale. This wanderlust, coupled with a fascination with human behavior, led her to an unexpected first step: the world of hospitality. “University confirmed my […]

Why Technology Won’t Solve Your Recruiting Problems

With the vast amount of available technology today, it’s not surprising that recruiters are relying on tech to streamline the hiring process. As someone who’s spent 30 years working primarily with tech firms, I get it: Technology is valuable and useful. It’s brought success to many companies and helped them save time and money. But […]

Take a Breath Before Sending that Angry Email

It’s probably safe to say that everyone has said things in a heated moment they later regretted. It could be during an argument with a significant other or while scolding a child, for example. Depending on how one looks at it, the stakes may be considerably higher when such outbursts occur in the workplace. This […]

What Makes Workers Stay? 80% of Workers Are Actively Seeking New Jobs

Yes, you read that title correctly: 80% of workers are actively seeking a new job, which is good news for recruiters and hiring managers looking to fill vacant positions, but terrible news for employers who are looking to retain their best and brightest workers.

The Importance of Building Relationships

No matter the profession, relationships can help further business goals and advance careers. But in recruiting, relationships arguably matter even more.

Onboarding Like a Boss

What are the various steps of the employee onboarding process, and how many companies implement each of these steps effectively? Moreover, how does onboarding at your organization compare? A study conducted by HR Daily Advisor Research, detailed in the report, “2017 Strategy Onboarding Survey: How to Activate New Employees,” provides insight. The survey includes responses […]