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How Can You Boost the ROI of Your Training?

With continuous pressure from management to demonstrate the ROI for corporate training, trainers need to deliver programs that give the company the most bang for its buck. One way to accomplish that goal is to tailor sessions to the audience by considering their: Learning styles and learners’ experience, Knowledge, and Personal characteristics. Accommodate Different Learning […]

How Important is it to Provide Training in Conjunction with a Wellness Program?

Training is an essential component of any wellness program. “The education part is big,” says Peggy Cretella, an instructional design manager with Business & Legal Resources. “If you educate people, you empower them to be in charge of their own health” and to make healthier choices. Cretella, who developed the content for the online Wellness […]

When Managers Ignore Problems, New Problems Emerge

Yesterday, we looked at 3 common EEO investigation errors, courtesy of attorney Jonathan Segal. Today, the final 3 on his list — plus an introduction to an important webinar later this week, specifically for California employers, on the rapidly approaching EEO-1 filing deadline.