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Do You Have the “Right (HR) Stuff”?

Yesterday, we gave you the first part of our (totally unscientific) list of of the 9 essential HR skills. Today, the rest of the list — and a chance to try out, risk-free, a comprehensive online resource that no HR professional should be without.

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Human Resources Management Key Skill #7: Dedication to Continuous Improvement

HR professionals need to help managers coach and develop their employees. The goal is continued improvement and innovation as well as remediation. And looking to their own houses, the HR professional also uses technology and other means to continuously improve the HR function itself.

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Human Resources Management Key Skill #8: Strategic Orientation

Forward-thinking HR professionals take a leadership role and influence management’s strategic path. In gauging and filling the labor needs of the company, devising compensation schemes, and bringing on board new skill sets leading to business growth, they provide the proof for the often-heard management comment, “People are our most important asset.”

Human Resources Management Key Skill #9: Team Orientation

Once, companies were organized into hierarchies of workers headed by supervisors. Today, the team is king. HR managers must consequently understand team dynamics and find ways to bring disparate personalities together and make the team work.

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9 Skills … and One Caveat

As we listed these skills, one thing we didn’t do was try to prioritize them. Because no general list of skills can take into account the business strategy at your particular organization.

Which leads to the caveat we mentioned, as expressed by Bob Brady, the founder of our parent company, Business & Legal Resources.

“HR is a creature of, and serves the business strategy,” Brady says. “It’s important for HR people to know what that strategy is and what makes the business tick so the approach to HR can be tailored accordingly.

“Never think of HR in isolation,” he advises. “Because if Human Resources professionals think of themselves as ‘just HR,’ that’s what the rest of the organization will think too.”

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2 thoughts on “Do You Have the “Right (HR) Stuff”?”

  1. Another essential HR skill that didn’t make the list: Patience. Lots and lots and lots of it.

  2. Another essential HR skill that didn’t make the list: Patience. Lots and lots and lots of it.

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