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Wage And Hour: Labor Department Spells Out When You Do–And Don’t–Have To Pay For After-Hours Training Time

It’s a common situation. You send some employees to required continuing education courses after work. Others attend classes simply to learn more about your business or industry. Are the employees entitled to pay for the time they spend in class? Probably not, according to a recent U.S. Depart- ment of Labor opinion. But you might […]

Overtime Claims: Overtime Misclassification Class-Action Suits Not Letting Up–Who’s The Latest Target; Plus A 6-Point Compliance Checklist

The nation’s largest privately held car rental company is the newest casualty in a growing list of high pro- file employers sued for misclassifying workers as managers. Management assistants for Enterprise Rent-A-Car recently filed a class-action lawsuit claiming they’re owed unpaid overtime because they were improperly treated as managerial employees exempt from the overtime laws.Claims […]

Exempt Employees: New Ruling Clarifies When Outside Sales Staff Don’t Have To Be Paid Overtime

As a general rule, you’re not required to pay overtime to employees who spend most of their time making sales away from your regular place of business. But figuring out which outside sales personnel are really exempt from the overtime laws isn’t always easy, especially because many employees perform a mix of sales and non-sales […]

Retaliating Against Whistleblowers: Employer To Pay $4.5 Million To Fired Controller Who Reported Tax Violations

Unhappy employees who complain about how you do business can try a manager’s patience fast. It can be tempting to simply reject a disgruntled worker’s accusations-and even to discipline or terminate an employee who seems bent on charging your company with wrongdoing. But when an employee objects to one of your business practices, it’s a […]

Family And Medical Leave: How Much Notice Must Employees Give You? New Cases Shed Light On Two Common Problems

When the family leave laws were enacted, the issue of how much notice your employees must give before taking a leave seemed relatively simple. But it hasn’t turned out that way. Say, for example, your employee wants to change the dates of her family leave after you already made arrangements based on her earlier notice. […]

Who’s Entitled To Overtime: New Case Examines Which Administrative Employees Must Be Paid Overtime; A Compliance Checklist

Figuring out who’s exempt from the overtime rules and who isn’t can be very complicated. Impressive titles and salaries don’t count. Only the employee’s actual job duties matter. And of the four main exemptions-managerial, administrative, professional and sales-the administrative exemption is the least clear-cut. In fact, employers continue to reel from an epidemic of multi-million […]

Trade Secrets: Workers Liable After Taking Former Employer’s Customer Business Cards; 4-Point Protection Checklist

When employees leave to join a competitor or start their own business, is your confidential data going with them? Sometimes the most valuable, but least-guarded information-like your customers’ names or even an employee’s rolodex-could seriously harm your business if it falls into the wrong hands. This problem continues to cause big headaches for many employers. […]

Family Leave: Absences Due To Colds And Flu May Be Covered; 3-Point Leave Compliance Checklist

When employees call in sick and say they’ll be out for a few days with a cold, you may not give it much thought. But you probably need to pay more attention-especially if absenteeism is a problem in your organization-because a recent U.S. Department of Labor opinion suggests that workers’ time off could qualify as […]

Sample Internet Policy

Here’s a sample Internet policy you can modify and/or expand to meet your organization’s specific needs. Have your employees sign the policy, acknowledging they understand it and agree to be bound by its terms. [Company] Internet Policy   Business use only. [Company] provides Internet access (including e-mail) to its employees to assist and facilitate business […]