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Beware of Bonus Pitfalls: Overtime and Nonexempt Employees

Employers’ failure to properly factor bonus payments into overtime is probably the most common wage and hour compliance error I see, including among employers that have experienced HR personnel who are knowledgeable about the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Failure to factor these payments into overtime is also really difficult to defend because the law on this point (unlike for some FLSA issues) is pretty clear.

Day-rate dilemma: You still have to pay day-rate workers overtime

by Jacob M. Monty Do you pay any of your employees a daily rate? Do you think you’re saving money on overtime by paying a daily rate? If so, you’ve opened yourself up to liability for overtime lawsuits.  Day-rate employees are paid on a per-day basis as opposed to being paid a salary or an […]

Calculating overtime for employees

Employers That Ignore Overtime Eventually Pay the Price

First, employers must determine whether a nonexempt employee has accumulated enough hours worked to become entitled to overtime pay. Now, let’s assume that the employee has worked enough hours and the issue is how much overtime must be paid. Mastering HR Report: Overtime Count on me Normally, calculating overtime is a pretty simple mathematical exercise […]