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Culture is Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year—For Good Reason

Largely due to its tracking of which words were looked up the most, 2 years ago Merriam-Webster announced “Culture” as its Word of the Year.  Chosen at the end of each year, the word serves as a snapshot of what people have been thinking about and talking about for the past 12 months, and what […]

Handbooks and the NLRA—Some Examples for Revision

In yesterday’s Advisor, BLR® Legal Editor Holly Jones, JD, presented new National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) guidelines for employee handbooks; today, we share the rest of Jones’s analysis, including specific examples of proper wording of policies—and ways to effectively revise unlawful phrasing.

More Pay? No, Better Recruiting

Case Study: Company Situation A large high-tech firm was experiencing a significant amount of annual turnover by their sales reps, says DiMisa, who is senior vice president and the head of the Sales Force Effectiveness Practice at Sibson Consulting. Initial analysis showed that the cost associated with the company’s turnover was more than $50 million […]

Regression Analysis: a Case Study

A nonprofit home healthcare agency has asked “a consultant” whether its CEO is fairly paid relative to the marketplace for similar agencies. The Agency has supplied a database to the consultant, who also has his own survey database of CEO pay. This case will demonstrate how regression data can be used to answer this question. […]

VBBD—Case Study Shows Real Savings

McCormick, a consultant with Fallon Benefits Group in Atlanta, made her remarks at BLR’s Advanced Employment Issues Symposium, held recently in Las Vegas. Case Study in VBBD Some facts about the client: Global presence with more than 7,000 covered lives Employee population includes office staff, manufacturing, and drivers Average employee age: 45 years Very low […]

Why Wellness Fails, Why One Program Really Works

First, says Ahlrichs, a consultant and business developer with Gregory & Appel in Indianapolis, Indiana, here’s just one example of why wellness is failing: Getting more serious, Ahlrichs describes a wellness program that’s really working well. Case Study—A New Approach to Wellness Here was Ahlrichs’ client’s situation: County government 3,500 employees Mix of white and […]

You Be the Judge on USERRA Cases—Who Wins?

USERRA Case Study 1: John Falsifies Paperwork The facts: John is a supervisory employee at a delivery company and is a longtime reservist and combat veteran. Here’s the scenario: John is told by a coworker that the company doesn’t like supervisors to serve in the reserves. His boss sends an internal e-mail that says, “John […]

Two Case Studies on USERRA—Who Wins?

In yesterday’s Advisor, Attorney Matthew Effland outlined the basic requirements of USERRA (Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act); today, two USERRA case studies plus an introduction to the guide many call the “FMLA Bible.” Case Study 1: John Falsifies Paperwork The facts: John is a supervisory employee at a delivery company and is a […]