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Electronic Records in California: Maintaining Them, Keeping Them Safe

Utilizing electronic records can be a way to reduce paperwork in your office, but do you know how to stay in legal compliance while utilizing electronic employee records? How do you ensure your files are safe in case of an emergency? In a CER webinar titled “Electronic Recordkeeping in California: How to Manage, Store, and […]

Compliance with Employee Privacy Laws: How To Create an E-Monitoring Policy

Employers wanting to be in compliance with employee privacy laws should ensure that employees understand that e-monitoring policies affect the employee’s reasonable expectation of privacy. In other words, if employees are told that their electronic communications will be monitored, then they cannot reasonably expect that they will be private. In a CER webinar titled “HR’s […]

FMLA/CFRA Versus Other Leaves: Key Differences

In a CER webinar titled “FMLA, ADA, and California Workers’ Comp Overlap: Overcoming New Compliance Conflicts,” Jennifer K. Achtert and Todd B. Scherwin outlined some of the differences between the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)/ California Family Rights Act (CFRA) and other leaves. In particular, they compared FMLA/CFRA to the Americans with Disabilities Act […]

What Are the Employee Privacy Laws in California?

In a CER webinar titled “HR’s Monitoring Rules and Rights In California: Master E-mail, IMs, Blogs, and Social Networking,” Marc Jacuzzi outlined what is included in e-monitoring and explained the employee privacy laws at the federal and state level for California. Here are some basics.