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News Notes: New Law Bars Use Of State Funds For Union Activities

A new law (A.B. 1889) effective Jan. 1, 2001, prohibits employers who receive state contracts worth $50,000 or more from using the funds to assist, promote or deter union organizing. Each time a contractor requests payment from the state, it must certify that it is in compliance with this restriction and it must have records […]

Family And Medical Leave: The Top 8 Mistakes Employers Make

Figuring out how to administer family and medical leave can be tough. And one misstep-even if it seems minor-can lead to a lawsuit. Since the federal family leave law went into effect five years ago, the U.S. Department of Labor has processed thousands of employee complaints. Based on those charges, the department has pinpointed the […]

Family And Medical Leave: Managing Employees With Chronic Health Problems And Poor Attendance-Without Getting Sued

Habitually absent or late employees can cause big headaches, leading you to discipline or even terminate those who don’t improve. But an employer who fired a worker with peptic ulcers for poor attendance recently learned the importance of using caution before discharging someone who might be covered by the family leave laws.