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HR’s Thoughts on Balancing Company Culture and National Culture

Sandra was an HR Works Podcast 5-Minute Friday guest, listen to that here. “Culture” is a word that, in the world of HR, means company culture. But sometimes, a nation’s, a region’s, or an ethnicity’s culture becomes an important part of how HR maintains its company culture. Today’s “Faces of HR” guest has traveled all […]


Avoiding the Temptation of the ‘Ta-Da!’ Moment

Some people love surprises, especially when it relates to gifts. The anticipation of giving or receiving a special present reaches its climax when the much-anticipated gift is finally revealed. It’s the primary reason gift-givers spend so much time and money selecting and wrapping presents.

Hottest gift this holiday season? Work-life balance

by Dan Oswald Thanksgiving is behind us, and the holidays are in full swing. Most of us feel busier than ever this time of year. With parties to attend, gifts to buy, and anticipated travel for the holidays, there certainly is a lot going on. How do we find time to get everything done and […]

Change someone’s life with an unexpected gift this holiday season

by Dan Oswald Christmas is less than two weeks away. And as the carol goes, ’tis the season to be jolly. But it’s also the season of giving. Gift giving has long been a tradition associated with Christmas. Whether or not you still believe in Santa Claus, everyone likes to receive gifts. Nothing warms the […]

Christmas Wish

On Saturday, a friend and I were returning home from a hunting trip with our two sons. About halfway home, on our four-hour-plus trip, we stopped for gas and to grab a sandwich. After filling up the truck with gas, I sat outside the sandwich shop waiting for my friend and the two boys to […]

Unchain Yourself from Your Desk

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, my youngest son pulled out his favorite holiday movie to get himself in the Christmas spirit. You see, my wife was planning a day of putting up the Christmas tree, stringing lights outside, and generally decorating our home for the holidays. You might say that not everyone in the family shares […]

Holidays and the Workplace

At Thanksgiving time, we thought it would be good to take a look at some of the issues employers face during the holidays — drops in productivity, employees shopping online when they should be working, training seasonal workers, refereeing disagreements about holiday decorations, and, of course, navigating the office party. Lawsuits never take a holiday. […]