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Virginia’s New Office of Civil Rights to Target Bias

Virginia Attorney General (AG) Mark Herring has launched a new Office of Civil Rights to help protect residents from discrimination. The move is seen as a response to the cultural awakening the nation experienced in 2020 after high-profile police shootings and the recognition that once-common offensive behavior toward certain gender groups is no longer acceptable […]

Do You Train Managers to Watch Their Words?

  Isolated remarks related to an employee’s national origin may not be enough to support a claim of discrimination, but they can lead to costly lawsuits. During training, be sure that managers and supervisors understand the negative consequences of making “politically incorrect” comments. What Happened “Akila,” an Egyptian dentist, enrolled in a 2-year dentistry program […]

What Should Be Included in Antiharassment Training?

Does your organization provide antiharassment training for employees and managers? One of the main reasons antiharassment training is important is that employers have an obligation to provide a safe workplace—one that is free of harassment. If an employer does not take proactive steps to ensure such an environment, that employer will find it much more […]

Train Supervisors to Ask the Right Questions

There are many legal issues employers face during the interview process. Job interviews are a potential legal land mine for discrimination complaints and lawsuits. Numerous federal laws prohibit discrimination in hiring practices, including the interview process. For example: The Civil Rights Act of 1964, commonly known as Title VII, is the grandparent of employment discrimination […]

Going to the Dogs! Train Employees About Guide Dogs in the Workplace

Even the most well-intentioned employers cannot anticipate every potential workplace scenario and provide advance training on how to react in each situation. That’s why it is important to be aware of training-related issues that crop up at other workplaces and take proactive steps in response.Two recent complaints in New Jersey provide such a learning opportunity. […]

Does Your Harassment Training Include Harassment by Customers?

One court recently decided that an employer can be held liable for harassment from customers. The court in this case concluded that “an employer is liable under Title VII [of the Civil Rights Act of 1964] for third parties creating a hostile work environment if the employer knew or should have known of the harassment […]

Do You Train on Proper Progressive Discipline?

The information in today’s issue first appeared on HR.BLR.com. Background for Trainer The disciplinary response to a problem or incident should never come unexpectedly to a worker like a bolt from the blue. The employee must be able to see, at least in hindsight, that the way for a supervisor’s action was clearly paved. And […]

5 Laws that Job Descriptions Can Violate

What Laws Are Involved? A number of laws and regulations are involved as you complete your job descriptions and work with them, says Kennedy, including: Fair Labor Standards Act (proper classification as exempt or nonexempt) Equal Pay Act of 1963 (comparing job values, pay values, and gender) Equal Employment Opportunity (comparing pay levels and protected […]