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Compensation Update: Tips, Trends, and Tactics for 2013

Negative staffing and salary actions will decrease in 2013, says a recent Compensation Resources, Inc. survey. Neelman is a principal and senior consultant with the firm, which is located in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. Salary Action Outlook Strategy Change (up or down) from 2012 to 2013 (Projected) Layoffs ↓ Hiring Freezes ↓ Staffing Increases […]

Comp Stagnated for 2 Years? Time to Reboot

Here’s what’s on comp managers’ minds, says Neelman: Evaluating market competitiveness, especially if pay has been stagnant at your organization Keeping on track with your strategic plan, typically refocusing on growth Increasing attention on incentive pay and pay to performance Using compensation dollars more effectively Differentiating pay based on performance, even if differentiation is modest […]

10 Keys to Market Pricing

In today’s Advisor, Rizzuti, who is a principal at PHR Compensation Resources, Inc. in Upper Saddle River, NJ, shares her 10 keys for effective market pricing. 1. Collect Good Job Information Ensure that job descriptions accurately portray the job duties and responsibilities. Many jobs have changed in the past few years. Pay special attention to […]