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How Can Stay Interviews Help Your Corporate Culture?

In yesterday’s Advisor, we took a look at how the stay interview helps keep employees working for you. Today, we’ll look at some more tips and learn how feedback from those interviews can positively influence your corporate culture.

Are You Using Stay Interviews?

Turnover costs employers more than they’d like to admit. On average, an employee stays at a position for 4.6 years. Additionally, many employers believe that their college graduates won’t stay more than 2 years. How can you deal with this problem, especially in a climate of talent shortages? The answer just might be the stay […]

10 Questions to Ask in a Stay Interview

As most HR professionals understand too well, turnover hurts a company’s bottom line, and it also ruins morale for the employees left behind. Workers in the United States have an average job tenure of approximately 4.6 years and 45% of employers now expect new college grads to stay less than 2 years.