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Gambling on independent contractor status? Stack the deck in your favor

by Gary S. Fealk Smart businesspeople are adept at finding ways to reduce their costs. However, cutting costs associated with employment by using independent contractors is a big risk unless you take great care to make sure you aren’t misclassifying employees as independent contractors.  What’s all the fuss about? Various government agencies have been increasingly […]

Looking for solutions to the talent gap? Don’t forget legal concerns

Employers in an array of fields lament a shortage of talent. Sometimes employers are able to attract a flood of eager applicants, but few possess the skills and qualities needed. Other times, employers need people for special, short-term projects, and they don’t want to take on full-time, permanent employees to get the job done. No […]

Engagement: Should it extend to contingent workers?

Employers are always looking for the best ways to engage employees. They know a highly engaged workforce means good morale, enhanced productivity, high retention of talented workers, an environment conducive to innovation and creativity, and the list goes on. Recently, some experts have even advocated extending engagement efforts beyond an employer’s regular employees. With contingent […]

Contingent Workforce—Who’s a ‘Temp’?

The temporary or contingent workforce is the fastest growing segment of the national workforce, with almost 75 percent of employers in all industries using them, according to a survey by CyberShift. It’s important to sort out the status of your relationship with each type of contingent worker before issues arise. For insights, we turned to […]

Temp and Other Contingent Workers—Laws Still Apply

Discrimination Laws The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Enforcement Guidance 915.002 concerning contingent workers clarifies that staffing firms and employers using contingent workers may not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability, nor can they ask the medical questions forbidden by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Immigration […]

Casual About Temps? Danger–Laws Still Apply

The contingent workforce is the fastest growing segment of the national workforce, with nearly three-quarters of employers using “temps,” according to a survey by CyberShift. Unfortunately, many managers think employment laws don’t apply to contingent workers. That’s dangerous. Defining ‘Contingent Workers’ “Contingent workers” are generally those who are hired through staffing firms or leasing companies […]

Treat Temps Casually? Danger—Laws Still Apply

Defining Contingent Workers Contingent workers are generally those who are hired through staffing firms or leasing companies and whose jobs are structured to last only a certain length of time. If a company does not clearly define a “contingent worker,” who is an employee, and who is not an employee, managers may start using contingent […]

Risks, Benefits of Using Contingent Workers

by Craig Borowski Many employers use contingent workers: independent contractors, leased employees, consultants, and temporary employees. While using an alternative workforce has benefits, it can create legal and practical risks as well. If you use or are considering using contingent workers, here are some benefits and risks to weigh. Audio Conference: Independent Contractor Myths: New […]