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Chick-fil-A founder was embodiment of servant leader philosophy

by Dan Oswald I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the phrase “servant leadership.” While servant leadership is a concept I’ve heard about many times in the past, I wasn’t sure where it originated, so I did some research and found that the phrase was coined by Robert K. Greenleaf in The Servant as Leader, […]

Which came first—the people or the culture?

There is a lot written about the advantages of chemistry and great company culture, but what really are those things? A company is a social organization with rules that govern the relationships between people and among groups. There is a division of activity, and there is agreement regarding certain obligations of the various parties. This […]

Who is it really all about?

by Dan Oswald What’s your favorite subject? For many people it’s me. I don’t mean me; I mean them. To them, me is them. Got it? What I’m trying to say is that often a person’s favorite subject is himself. People want to talk about themselves. People like to think about themselves. People are concerned […]

The ‘Flip Side’ of Mr. Naysayer

After last week’s post I received an email from a reader who had a suggestion: You need to write about the “flip side” of Mr. Naysayer. Her rationale? I once had a job where I became the Mr. Naysayer. It was uncomfortable for me — uncomfortable for all around me — and it was a […]

Dilbert cartoon strip

4 Tips for Dealing with Mr. Naysayer

The other day a colleague shared this Dilbert cartoon with me: My initial reaction was that the message of this cartoon sums up the way the two parties in Washington, D.C. approach one another. ” Everything you said is right, but I have a reflexive urge to disagree with you.” Sounds very much like something […]

4 Tips from Google CEO Larry Page’s Playbook

Recently, Google Inc. cofounder Larry Page reclaimed the role of chief executive at the Internet company. I really wasn’t surprised when I read that one of Page’s priorities was to cut through the bureaucracy at Google. I’ve worked with and for enough entrepreneurs to know that they prize a nimble and fast-moving approach to business […]

Corporate Culture Done Right: Southwest Airlines

A colleague recently passed along a column written by Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly, which first appeared in the airline’s “Spirit Magazine.” The title of the piece was “Culture Done Differently.” In it, Mr. Kelly explains that at Southwest they try to keep their culture “supportive, active and fun.” If you’ve ever flown on Southwest, […]

What Corporate Culture Are You Creating?

Earlier this week I was meeting with the CEO and owner of a company when the topic of corporate culture came up. I was interested to learn what the culture at his company was like. As he described his company’s culture, it was evident that many of the company’s traits mirrored that of the owner […]