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4 Tips from Google CEO Larry Page’s Playbook

Recently, Google Inc. cofounder Larry Page reclaimed the role of chief executive at the Internet company. I really wasn’t surprised when I read that one of Page’s priorities was to cut through the bureaucracy at Google. I’ve worked with and for enough entrepreneurs to know that they prize a nimble and fast-moving approach to business […]

Corporate Culture Done Right: Southwest Airlines

A colleague recently passed along a column written by Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly, which first appeared in the airline’s “Spirit Magazine.” The title of the piece was “Culture Done Differently.” In it, Mr. Kelly explains that at Southwest they try to keep their culture “supportive, active and fun.” If you’ve ever flown on Southwest, […]

What Corporate Culture Are You Creating?

Earlier this week I was meeting with the CEO and owner of a company when the topic of corporate culture came up. I was interested to learn what the culture at his company was like. As he described his company’s culture, it was evident that many of the company’s traits mirrored that of the owner […]