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How to Increase Employee Engagement Efficiently and Effectively

When a company has high employee engagement, it means its people are committed to the company’s values, goals, and work. In other words, engaged employees are involved and show up not because they get paid but because they are emotionally invested in the company. An organization that encourages and supports employee engagement will therefore generally […]


More Customer Service Lessons Learned from Tesla

In two previous posts, we’ve been discussing how Tesla has grown an incredibly strong brand with fierce customer loyalty. We focused on the lessons from real-life examples that can be applied to any business. We’ve discussed the first six examples in our previous posts, and here, we’ll look at the last four.


What You Can Learn from Tesla’s Customer Service

In a previous post, we discussed the challenge often faced by managers and business owners in teaching customer service skills to entry-level employees.


Customer Service Lessons Learned from Tesla

A challenge many companies face is providing a top-notch customer experience. The reason—particularly for business-to-consumer (B2C) companies with high volumes of customers—is that so many of their customer touch points come in the form of entry-level, low-paid staff, often with high turnover. Teaching these employees the basics, let alone the intricacies, of customer relationship management […]


Helping Employees Deal with Toxic Customers

Anyone who has worked in customer service knows that some customers can be extremely difficult, demanding, and even toxic. These customers can be abusive to customer service staff.

Cross-Training Methods and Metrics for Your Organization (Part 2)

Here’s another cross-training method and some useful metrics for evaluating cross-=training results. [Part 1 of this article appeared in the previous issue.] Cross-Training Across Functions Develop programs that allow employees to see what leadership within their own department is like. Or develop a program that allows employees to discover whether they’d rather be a general […]

What does Hertz have against Grandma?

by Dan Oswald Last week, my wife’s grandmother passed away at 98 years of age. She was a special lady who remained alert and curious until her last days. She was active on Facebook, keeping up with her great-grandchildren’s lives. So my family and I made the trip back to the Midwest for the funeral. […]

Can Reps Make More than Their Managers?

Can reps make more than their managers? Yes, it’s fairly common, says DiMisa, and, in most companies, there’s no limit as long as reps are selling the right products to the right customers. A recent survey by Sibson Consulting found the following: 19% said reps can make more than the CEO 48% said the reps […]

Finding Best Incentive/Base Mix—The 13 Job-Specific Factors

DiMisa, Senior Vice President, Sales Effectiveness Practice Leader for Sibson Consulting, is author of the best-selling business book, “The Fisherman’s Guide to Selling.” He offered his tips in a recent webinar sponsored by BLR/HRhero. Use the chart below, DiMisa says, to evaluate the job factors in the middle column and decide on the appropriate mix […]