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Train Employees to Give Great Customer Service to Coworkers

If you and your employees don’t work directly with company customers, it may seem that customer service training doesn’t apply to you. But it does. Customer service is an issue that involves everyone in the organization. That’s because all employees have customers. If they don’t have external customers, they do have internal customers, otherwise known […]

Is Customer Service Training a Priority at Your Company?

In a BLR webinar titled “Customer Service: How to Build a Culture of Exceptional Service in Your Organization,” Gregory P. Smith, CEO of Chart Your Course International, described the success of Zappos, whose gross sales steadily and rapidly increased from 2000 to 2008 largely based on word-of-mouth and customer service. The lessons learned from Zappos […]

Customer Service Training Begins with Hiring the Right People

As we learned yesterday, the ultimate success of any business derives from the attitude of its employees. Good-natured employees not only diligently carry out their assigned tasks, but do so positively and creatively. They project good feelings and may find solutions to customer problems even where solutions don’t currently exist. That’s something even the best […]