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The Proven Psychology Behind Hiring (and Retaining) Top Talent

Identifying the so-called “soft psychological skills” of high performers can be challenging, especially when considering that many personality tests are outdated and don’t capture the emotional intelligence attributes of current and new (Millennial/Gen Z) workers in 2019.

Robots Need Not Apply

A recent study suggests that while automation will not be going away anytime soon, it will create new jobs that require new and different skills.

Bad Training Is Devastating

Effective training can have significant, positive impacts on a company’s bottom line, and we encourage all organizations to implement training programs for their employees. However, it is not the case that some training is always better than no training. In fact, poor training can be extremely counterproductive.

Dangers of a Sense of Entitlement

It was a busy travel day and, as often is the case, a flight was canceled. As you might expect, the passengers weren’t all that happy about it. One man in particular was visibly upset by the canceled flight. As he waited in line to book passage on another flight, he became increasingly agitated until […]

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You Can’t Reason with Crazy

Try this one on for size. A number of years ago, four to be exact, we were enjoying a successful relationship with a company we had contracted with since 1995. By all accounts, the firm was doing a good job for us. In 2007, one of the key people employed by the firm decided to […]

Decisionmaking 101

Have you ever considered that more of your difficulties at work come from decisions that are NOT made than those that are? How often do you wait for a decision to come from “on high” only to discover that by the time it does the opportunity has passed you by? My guess is that if […]

It’s the Customer, Stupid

It’s hard to believe but 2009 is coming to an end. For many, 2009 can’t be over soon enough. For most businesses, it has been a challenging year. And while we’ve seen a rebound in the stock market, most companies are reporting earnings that, while they beat analysts’ estimates, are still significantly less than they […]

A Seat at the Table: Define diversity as “mission critical”

When Corbette Doyle took on the role of chief diversity officer at Aon Corp. two years ago, she did so at the request of the CEO. “Without his support and commitment, I wouldn’t have considered making this leap,” says Doyle, who was previously a line executive at the Chicago-based company. “Our senior leaders ‘get’ the […]